The Data Visualization Toolkit

7 data analysis courses to help visualize your data

In this incredible, 7-course bundle, you'll learn to master the essential tools to help you visualize complex data

This bundle includes:

  1. Tableau for Beginners
  2. Advanced Tableau
  3. Introduction to Alteryx
  4. Introduction to Python
  5. Pandas for Python
  6. Introduction to R Programming
  7. Introduction to Qlik Sense

Courses Included

Tableau for Beginners

What you'll learn:

  • What is Tableau and the product suite
  • What is business intelligence
  • Tableau interface and its major functions
  • Which data structures are suitable for Tableau
  • How Tableau reads and categorizes data
  • Different data concepts and theory
  • Connect and manage data sources
  • Navigate the Tableau workspace
  • Build a view and different chart types
  • Create a dashboard
  • Publish and share a workbook
  • Use calculated fields
  • Use numeric, string, conditional, and analytical expressions/functions

Advanced Tableau

What you'll learn:

  • Parameters and sample use cases
  • A focus on Level of Detail (LOD) expressions
  • Working with groups and sets
  • Use spatial functions
  • Advanced filters
  • Table calculations
  • Add interactivity using actions
  • Animate your visualizations
  • Advanced Tableau charts—circular, sunburst, bump, funnel, candlestick, and Sankey charts
  • Build geospatial dashboards and sales dashboards
  • Create dashboards that utilize radial charts.

Introduction to Alteryx

What you'll learn:

  • Use Alteryx workflows to cut out repetitive tasks
  • Build visual workflows in Alteryx
  • Make the most of 'Favorite Tools' as core Alteryx building blocks
  • Filter data
  • Use the basic functions to match data
  • Dynamically rename datasets
  • Parse data
  • Create reports that run on demand
  • Use the predictive tools in Alteryx to perform data analysis
  • Build a k-centroid clustering model
  • Turn a workflow into an analytic app using a GUI
  • Publish work to a gallery to allow others to view

Introduction to Python

What you'll learn:

  • The basic data types in Python - Strings, Integers, Floats, and Boolean
  • All about Python's built-in functions
  • How variables and functions work in Python
  • Debug errors
  • All about Python keywords
  • Use IF-Else statements
  • All about storing complex data, including lists and dictionaries
  • All about Python modules and how to install them
  • How to install Python locally
  • Write your first script in Python
  • Complete your first Python project

Panda for Python

What you'll learn:

  • An overview of Pandas
  • Installing Pandas on your computer
  • Use the two primary Pandas data structures, Series and DataFrame
  • View data imported from an external source
  • Organize input data using indexing and filtering
  • Use Pandas for data preprocessing
  • Address missing values and duplicate rows
  • Format your data most efficiently
  • Process different data types
  • Data manipulation using string functions
  • Date and time formatting

Introduction to R Programming

What you'll learn:

  • What R is and how it is used in data science
  • Data types in R, coding style, and comments
  • Use vectors
  • Use Matrices in R, including matric operations and modification
  • Use arrays
  • About using lists in R, including how to select list elements
  • All about factors in R
  • Use loops in R and IF, ELSE statements
  • Use functions
  • Use data frames, including tidyverse and tibbles
  • Complete your first R programming assignment

Getting Started in Qlik Sense

What you'll learn:

  • All about Qlik Sense
  • The difference between Qlik Sense and Qlik View
  • Load data
  • Create and upload apps
  • All about the different charts and graphs available in Qlik Sense
  • All about tables and pivot tables in Qlik Sense
  • Create your analysis in the Story Telling tab
  • About numeric and string functions
  • Use the date and time formatting functions
  • Use conditional functions
  • Combine tables using JOIN, KEEP and CONCATENATE
  • Use different charts and tables
  • Use Qlik's Geo Analytics tools (maps)

Course Format

  • This is a video-led course.
  • This course includes practice exercises.

Course Certificate Included

This course includes an optional online quiz that will generate a course certificate upon completion.

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Courses Included with Purchase

Introduction to Tableau Desktop
A comprehensive introduction to Tableau, the market-leading data analytics and business intelligence tool.
Simon Sez IT
Tableau Masterclass: Advanced Tableau Desktop Training
Master Tableau Desktop
Simon Sez IT
Introduction to R Programming
Learn R Programming using R and R Studio for Beginners
Simon Sez IT
Introduction to Python
Get to grips with the Python programming language
Simon Sez IT
Introduction to Alteryx
Learn to use the Alteryx Designer to master data
Simon Sez IT
Getting Started in Qlik Sense
Learn Data Visualization in Qlik Sense
Simon Sez IT
Python Library: Pandas for Beginners
Master this popular open-source Python library
Simon Sez IT

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